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Does He Sound Like A Sociopath?

I began a relationship with a man in January 2007. He immediately began speaking of marriage. He told me his story never married, and he had a 23 year old dau and a 5 year old son. We dated from 5 months and fell in love. One morning I asked him to be a little more affectionate and he turned into another person. He said no because if he changed one thing about himself.. women have a tendency to want more change. We broke and and started "dating with no serious relationship", We started a committed relationship in seeing each August 2008. We were in love and talked of marriage. He would frequently disappear after spending happy seeiming loving days days together and after I called and worried would reappear with no explanation and not say he was sorry. I recently found out he was trying to meet women on the internet which infuriated me. We had a bad argument; I was yelling. He did not want to hear it and wanted to leave.. I tried to restrain him.. He considers this abuse and now is saying that he he forgives me but will would never move forward with a relationship with me after the abuse. He is still lying about printed evidence I have.. and also lied and said he had never married.. found out he was married and divorced. i also learned that he wa son the internet trying to meet younger women, lying about his age, and saying he id not have children. I think he has purchased a house using his brother's name. He later admited to being married but said it was apart of his life he wanted to forget which is why he did not tell me.. and that he was just playing games with the women on the internet. This man was distant emotionally, did not offer foreplay before sex. Never kissed me. It seemed that it bothered him to say he loved me.. He did not have any friends. Is not close to his brothers. Does not have a close relationship with his daughter. Did not feel comfortable around my family. This is a synopsis... There is more detail.. Is he a sociopath?

Re: Does He Sound Like A Sociopath?

OMG ADNOVA!!! When I came across your post I thought someone had posted up my story. Read mine and compare. I beleive they are both sociopaths!

Mine too, would get weird when I asked for more expression of love. He was very affectionate though. But kept saying things like "don't try to change me" and "women screw men over when you show too much love."
I am quite perplexed about a situation that I recently got out of. I was with a man now 41, professional, in an exclusive relationship since November 2007. He was quick to charm me, wine and dine me, and tell me he wanted a serious relationship and that he was ready to settle down. He showered me with compliments and showed so interest. Five months into our relationship a friend of mine spotted him on the dating website where I met him. he acutally messaged her!! I confronted him and he begged for forgiveness saying that he had it up because he was insecure being with me. He told me "you're pretty, 12 years younger and I was insecure and thought you may be talking to other men." I never once dated anyone else since I met him. So he took the profile down and we continued. I believed him.
Up until June 2009 we were together. Once in a while I got suspicious of something but I thought this was because of what had previously happened with the profile. He promised to come to my parents and discuss a future for months until I got tired of waiting. I broke it off and he said "Can I tell you to wait for me? I am not entirely ready yet baby. You are the best I am going to regret this and there is nobody like you-educated, sweet, gorgeous, etc."
2 days later I went over his home to pick up some of my things and found this girl in his house. He got quiet when I walked in and all he said was "Sandra this is Sofia, Sofia this is Sandra." I was devastated, told him off and left. He texted me a few times after that to get me to talk to him.
For a month I thought she was the reason we broke up. On August 1st, 2009 a girl from Italy (Eugenia) messaged me on Facebook asking if I knew "so and so." I was reluctant to give information to a stranger but finally did and we had a 6 hr conversation. He was having a relationship with her too and going to see her every time he went to see his parents in Italy. She lived 5 hrs away from his city. He made promises to her too but she broke up with him a month before I did.

To make this worse, we find out he has another relationship with a girl (Maria) here in NYC where I live. For over a year! Along with me finding out from neighborhood friends that he meets other women too online etc. He still has a profile on the dating website. Also in a recent picture the girl (probably Maria) seems to be sporting a diamond ring. I believe he just got engaged.

My mother as well as Eugenias mom called him to speak to him. He denied knowing Eugenia and said she was someone he met once a long time ago, and denied being in any relationship. He says he is a single, free man and to not believe what anyone says. He also said "I am very healthy and sane, don't believe others."

I no longer want to have anything to do with this man, but is this someone who has antisocial personality disorder??

He lies to so many people-he even told Eugenia that he had a villa and a ferrari here. He also spends tons of money on lavish things-yet he doesn't own his own property but lies about it.

It hurt me so much. Even that he got engaged-but my brain is telling my heart "do you want to be with a pathological liar?" and that this women will be dealing with a psychopath now. He still claims to be single and has an online dating profile!