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I was sexually molested by my father when i was younger and ended up in foster care till the age of 15. I tried going back home it did not work and I have been on my own ever since. My father tried to rape me again when I was 16 I reported it and cops laughed at me. I was also molested by a cousin and a cousin's friend as a child. I was raped when I was 11 years old by a stranger. I have worked so hard to get to where I am in my life. A very difficult situation has come-up with my father.

I have recently found out that I am not his only victim. He has molested other family members, friends, etc. He recently touched one if my nieces. I am having a difficult time understanding why nothing was done when I reported him. Why? He would not have had the opportunity to do this again. My mother sticks by him and even stoped talking to me for several years ( I am the black sheep in the family and I was not believed). He has hurt our family and he is tearing us apart. He is a monster.

I am so hurt, confused and all the old feelings are coming back. I don't understand why my mom stays. My father has hurt our family for my entire life. He has abused our entire family emotionally, physically, mentally, sexually in every way possible you would think he was not our biological father.

I forgave him but I have never forgot. It took me years to overcome this. My husband has always hated my father and always would ask me "How can you go around him" I always did it for my mom (but what has she done for her kids).

Fathers and Mothers are suppose to protect you from these situations. How many times does he have to hurt us for my mother to stop being in denial. I don't know what to do. My sisters, after all these years are finally trying to come to reality but it took for him to touch one of there daugthers for them to come to this point. I refuse to be in the dark and continue to be a part of his life and now I won't be a part of my mother's life anymore. It is a difficult decision but I can't sit and look at him and my mother for staying with him. She is a victim of his abuse.

He needs to be reported and taken to jail. When other victims came forward and told my mother she told them they were lying, they were crazy and that is what she said to me and to my niece. What do I do? Why does she enable his behavior? I don't understand. I feel like falling apart. It has taken me so long to finally feel like i am worth anything and now this. If it was not for my father-in-law, I would not know what a father would be.

How do we feel in a situtation like this? What do I do about my mother? Who is going to confront my father?
If my parents were to die how will feel? angry, sad, what? So many questions.