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Socio-path, rural kleptomania and anti social behavior?

Greetings ,

Wondering if this falls in someones area of studyas the anti-social behavior i describe is beyond my understanding in what to do?
But i do think some will recognise the situation.

We have a farm in Australia in a area where many people are related and although i am there nearly each day , we dont live on the property.
Over the last 6 years we have had perhaps 150 sheep stolen despite being id tagged, never a call to say they have strayed.
She has land which has use of far and wide so it is impossible to know where the animals go.
Neighbours say nothing as she is a local girl.
A woman who is publicly notorious for stock theft has caused endless trouble for us in cutting fences , leaving gates open and impounding stock. Nothing you do seems to stop the woman. We have now locked all the gates and this seems to have slowed things down.
The RSPCA has investigated her many times for animal cruelty , she runs 150 horses on land where there is no grass, we have been in drought for the last 10 years.
*Vexatious litigant as well who thrives on conflict that would terrify others.
It is said that she is not happy where there is no conflict.
She grew up in the area and treats all the properties as her own and would come and go as she pleases if the gates were not locked.
Compulsive liar with some knowledge of the law in particular the grey areas.

Recent anti social stuff reached a new level where week old lambs and a calf went missing , taken from their mothers. This is not what normal rural people do and is hard to believe.
Family and her friends of the criminal class, brother been to jail, friends and she has been to court over theft issues.

Overtly sexual person who uses charms to manipulate others to her effect.

She took a dislike to me as stood up to her over matters.

You imagine her life full of conflict and litigation would get on top of her but it seems to give her energy?
How do you deal with these kind of people?

I treat the matter as a game but the stakes get higher and more anti-social as time goes on.
What is the limit for these kind of people and what stops them?

Probably i am dealing with a socio-path!

Any views ?