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Sociopathic Son

My 21 year old son looks like he's trying to acquire a normal life ON THE SURFACE. At 16, we discovered his use of pot and his dealing. After 2 years of therapies and residential treatments, he finally got himself arrested. He was sentenced to probation, violated that and got himself arrested again and went to prison for 8 months. He is now on parole, living with us (his parents). He is clean as of two, maybe slightly more, months. We discovered he was back to his drug of choice (opiates: oxycontin and heroin). He has a job and he is in school. Thank God for small things! But he still steals from us (money, jewelry) which tells us that he's back into drugs. He tests negative with his parole officer and with us (I know there are MANY ways to manipulate drug tests). He is a hugely proficient liar. His therapist says he is probably an ASPD, a sociopath. Should we wash our hands of him? How horrible this is for a parent!