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What is my therapist thinking

My therapist has shared alot of personal information with me. At first I thought he was just breaking the ice. At first it was a comment or two. He has told me about how much he loved his wife, who recently died, his relationship with his new girlfriend is not working out. He has talked about his sex life. Now half our session is about him.
At first I thought maybe he liked me. I started to think he was a sweet, sensitive man who is some pain. I started thinking if I would be interested in someone like him if we were not in a client - therapist relationship.
Should I ask him why he feels the need to share all this personal information wiht me? What if he tells me it's because he thinks I'm special. What if he tells me he likes me? I thought I was doing better, now I am confused.

Re: What is my therapist thinking


You are confused because your shrink is no good. He is abusing your therapy, and causing you to suffer. Dr. Robert wrote all about this in an ask dr robert called

My Therapist Tells Me Everything About His Private Life, Including His Sex Life. Is This OK?

You should read this and find a new shrink.

Re: What is my therapist thinking

I have never needed treatment like this in the past. I was not sure what to expect. In the beginning I thought this was just a way to start communiating. I was after the fourth session with him, I found my self thinking of him in a more personal way. I also relized that this was all wrong. I can hardly cope with all the stress I have that took me to him in the first place, let alone these thoughts I now was having. The question is, what do I do now. I'm a little ****** off wright now. Because I know to continue with him is not going to help me. I'm now thinking he needs help himself. In a way I feel sorry for him, which also ****** me off. Do I find another therapist, and start all over agian. It would be like getting a pelvic exam two days in a row. Should I get a self help book and figure out how to deal with depression on my own. I feel violated. I have a meeting with him tomorrow, should I go, should I cancel? In a way I'm afraid to meet with him because Im not sure if I can stop myself from confronting him about all of this, and what good what that do. Thank you for your input. I have to go now, I have to try and golf nine with all this crap on my mind.