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Re: the dead zen master and the end of suffering

i also enjoyed the recording. but dr. robert, i can't believe you answered the phone during a session! that's a therapy no-no.

Re: the dead zen master and the end of suffering

In general, you are correct. A therapist normally would not want to interrupt a a session with one client in order to take a call from another. However, a fair listener to this session would conclude, I think, that it was entirely focused on my client, even with the phone interruption, and that taking the call did not detract from the forward movement of the session. In fact, as soon as I put the phone down, I went right back to the point we had been working on, using the phone interruption to flesh out the discussion about pain.

I took the call because I could see who was calling, and knew that person was unstable, on the edge, and deeply troubled, and so needed a word from me right away, whereas my client in the office had been seeing me for years, was working on a philosophical matter, not a sensitive, emotional issue, and would not be troubled by an interruption. Essentially, therapy is a conversation between two people, and the therapist has to manage that conversation. Ask yourself if this conversation was managed properly or not.
Thanks for the comment,

Re: the dead zen master and the end of suffering

Hi, Doctor,

I liked hearing this. I like the idea that authority comes from the inside out, not from the outside in. Please put more audios or videos on your site. Why not have a podcast?


Re: the dead zen master and the end of suffering

I just listened to this. I wish my therapist could speak to me the way doctor robert spoke with his client. Maybe I should think about changing therapists. Mine has no sense of humor at all.

Re: the dead zen master and the end of suffering

I thought you managed the conversation very well and agree that taking the call was the right thing to do. Would you do therapy entirely by telephone doctor? If so, how much would you charge me? I would like some sessions with you, but I live too far away.