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Do I have a social problem?

Hi, first of all I wanna thank any one who takes time to read my problem.
I have 3 years in my work, my first few weeks were verry hard since my supervisor has a very dificult personality. We couldnt do many things since you never kneew if she was happy or angry thay day. I soon decided to just do my work and nothing more. After a while i became agressive and usually went against with what ever my supervisor said, not in the way to get me fired but in things like reunions with the group i never talked to her unless it was work related. I have never been a person who speaks a lot, im rather quiet really, but now i have complaints about my behavior. She says im always angry that i dont smile dont talk to people. But im just serious and concetrated in my work. I have good relationships with all my other co-workers. I do not agree to many of the things that she says and does to us and sometimes i prefer not to be where she is and things like that. Also decided decided to not say anything or comlain since in a way she has the authority to take away our jobs. I feel bad because i dont know what i need to do or change since I AM like this. Any suggestions?

Re: Do I have a social problem?

Hi Helen,

I read your post and I find it a bit ambiguous, what you mean by 'social problem'? Do you mean 'sociopath'? or Do you just wonder if it is OK to disagree with other people?

You have difficulties with your boss but get along fine with other co-workers. You are a quiet person. Your boss 'perceives' or 'sees' your anger and complains about your performance. Did I understand this correctly?

What is it that we can help you with? What is it that you would like to put up for discussion?

One question I might suggest for you to ask yourself is: Are you really just serious or do feel angry toward your boss which manifests in your attitude in the office?

Re: Do I have a social problem?

hello mars, i just wanted to reply to your question... I thought about it and i guess i am angry at my boss. I guess i have just tried to keep on working without having to think about the unfairness in my group that i've become a little how do you say it? Isolated from everyone, especially from her. But in a way i have always been like this, isolated i mean and ive never had a problem in my other jobs. Now, i try to be or well pretend im always happy and smile to her all the time. It seems to be working but i dont see why she cant accept me how i am. i just wanted to see if im the one whos doing something wrong here...