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showing off my body

I read the letter from the woman who hates pornography, and your answer to her was excellent. I am a woman who poses for erotic photography which is available on internet. I am paid well for my work, and I am neither demeaned nor
exploited by anyone. I am an intelligent person with a college education and a good job. I pose for the pictures because I enjoy it (I suppose I am an exhibitionist), and the money is a great help in paying back my student loans. No one
has forced me to do this. I have chosen to do it. I have very large
natural breasts and a good body, and see nothing wrong it showing it off.
Certainly there is nothing demented or twisted in what I do. In fact, mostly we end up laughing a lot while doing the shoots. I have a boyfriend who loves me and who is not jealous of the modeling I do.

Keep up the good work, Doctor Robert.

Re: showing off my body

Well said. I think women who say it's demeaning to those women like you who pose or are in porn videos are projecting the feeling of being demeaned themselves, since they feel like they are being subjected to comparison as a body and not a person to the people like you. I've struggled myself to come to terms with this.

What I think people need to realize is we all have fantasies of things we wouldn't actually do, and it is human nature to seek sexual variety, even if who you are with is what you consider the best of the best. This is especially true for males, and it has nothing to do with whether or not they are in a good relationship or find their significant other attractive (although if they don't or are otherwise unfulfilled, this is probably going to increase their porn watching, but that's probably a given, and it is totally based on the individual).
Good for you for being comfortable with yourself. I think a lot of women envy that and are resentful of it.

Plus, if you do tend to have an ostentatious/exhibitionist streak, it's probably healthier for you to have an outlet like this where you actually have compensation than to have a less ideal outlet.