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Re: sociopathic pain


For my answer to your question, just look at the last lines of the post just above yours.

As far as choosing to take the easy way out, at what age was that decision made? One month, two months, one year old, two years old? When?

Obviously you are wounded, do not feel that your wounds have been healed sufficiently for you to forgive the person you feel abused you, or even to forgive yourself for being fooled so easily. You still feel angry, and I can empathize with that of course. I am sorry for your suffering.

But this forum is not a place to discuss whether psychopaths are "good" or "bad." I will leave that kind of judgment to you and Jere who seem so sure of yourselves and the absolute unquestionability of your religious mythology. And don't even bother to get into whether abortion is "good" or "bad," or if gays and lesbians are born that way or if their sexuality is just lifestyle choice. I don't want to hear it, and I don't want you to clog up this forum with any such nonsense. That is why I had to remove some of your previous posts with all the Bible quotations. Deadly stuff!

Here we discuss psychology, relationships, problems in living, mental illness, depression, sexuality, child development, etc. Things like that. The naive theology, along with your open-and-shut version of morality that you imagine comes from the pages of the Bible and gets its absolute authority there, belongs in another forum where perhaps it will be better received.

By the way, in my experience, forgiveness does not mean endorsing or condoning the actions of the supposed perpetrator or violater. Forgiveness comes with the understanding that people usually are not in full control of what they do--if they ever are--and that what we call "choice" may have little or no actual choosing involved in it. This understanding comes more readily to people if they will have the courage to observe themselves nonjudgmentally and with no blame--just looking and seeing how one really is--not what one should be, but what one really is. That kind of nonjudmental self-observation may help to reveal how our thoughts just seem to come from nowhere, and how many strange ideas and passionate desires seem to reside in that mysterious, uncontrollable stream of consciousness.

Try it sometime. You may find forgiving a bit easier if you do.

Be well.

Re: sociopathic pain

Good in theory. You obviously have never experienced having been touch by a psychopath who destroyed your life.

Good for you. I however, don't think those that haven't felt their wrath see or even know the big picture. Just getting your degree doesn't make you an expert. It just gives you a license to practice in the dark.

Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful that you and others haven't been hurt or destroyed by them. But, I think those of us that have been injured by them have a right to voice our opinions. But, since this is your site and you are choosing to keep people in the dark for your false beliefs... don't worry, I won't be blogging any more. You can keep half of the story perpetuated.

P.S. My bosses who destroyed my career have higher medical degrees than you. Just thought I'd let you know who you are so proud to be standing with.


Re: sociopathic pain

Maybe I should have phrased my question, did you get DESTROYED by a psychopath you met on your path through life. Big difference being hurt versus being DESTROYED.

What you preach is not to judge because these folks aren't responsible for their own behaviors or actions is wrong, wrong, wrong. You are babysitting and that's not what we need in the world ... to babysit those that don't want to play by anyone's rules except their own. And they aren't just deceivers as you pointed out to Jere. Deception is part of their manipulation techniques to lull unsuspecting others to trust them so they can clock you anyway they want, whenever they want.

Instead of believing all your nonsense techniques made by man and their ego, why don't you learn from experience of survivors as well instead of just fluffing the egos of those that could give a DANG about anyone else while sucking up oxygen.

You sir are a hipocrite and a danger to society as a whole. Forgive this forgive that. God judges man, humans have to put up with their bad behaviors while they take take take from others or heaven forbid, take another's life.

Re: sociopathic pain

You are given Free Will ! I will be the last to deni it from you!"

If I am 'given' free will, then how did I choose it of my own free volition? And if I don't 'choose' it, how can I be said to be responsible for it? Responsible for what I do with my free will?

"Dr. with all due respect are you a Psycopath? I ask because , Psycopaths are very intelegent yet lack Concience and remorse They only mimic emotions. Human Parasites, Chamelions. You said there is a place in society for these people. Yet you see where our economy and society have progressed??? I guess for you the human condition is a random act in nothingness ! There is no good or bad , Evil or goodness and Love no reason for faith in a Higher power ! "

1. When did the good Dr. ever claim that we were progressing, or indeed regressing as soceity?
2. That the doctor said that our society finds a place for the sociopath, does not mean he said that it is GOOD that society finds such a place.
3. Higher power? Faith? Please define what you mean by these words. Do not assume they are obvious to your readers.

"Sad! no ultimate goal but Get as much as you can while the getting is good regardless of the cost to anyone or others. Profit! Greed! Deciet! Lies! Manipulation at your higher level!"

1a. I would be interested to see where exactly Dr. Robert has espoused this behaviour. It sounds psychopathic. I thought the Dr. had been most clear on his views on this kind of behaviour, and why it is not acceptable (which does not mean that we cannot at the same time treat the people who have been conditioned to feel this way, probably from an upbringing similar to your own, with compassion)

"Organized Religion has done many good things but if your focus is on human error and misunderstanding in the churches then I guess your the authority!"

1b. So you admit that human error and misunderstanding have arisen from organised religion. How, then, is one to accept it as being the mouthpiece of that which is perfect?
2b. If all organised religions have led to human error and misunderstanding, how are we to know which is correct? After all, surly only one of them is correct, or none of them are.

"This country USA was founded because of the desire for religious freedom! Regardless of what Thomas Jefferson said. You r Quotes of the Brillant people only serve to alainate you from the truth! Science is not The Creator only apart of the whole picture. Take the Soul out of Mankind or hide it so deep in the mind that it's not heard anymore! BAAM! Physcopaths, Sociopaths, Narsisssists, MONSTERS! Ever had a Brain scan?"

1c. The good Dr. does not live in the USA anymore.
2c. Who said science had the whole picture? Where exactly does the Dr. say this?
3c. I find it funny how you seem to know what the 'truth' is, yet don't see fit to grace us with it. How unChristain of you !(I am assuming that you consider yourself to be Christian here. Hey, its how your country was founded, right? Religious freedom as long as your White? But Native American or African? **** you, get your slave ass to OUR Church. Ah, Freedom!)

"Seems to me if you really wanted to help society You might concentrate your attention on Helping these people instead of copping out that there is no help, How friggining convient for your profession!"

1d. I am at a loss as to how you can view this website as anything but an attempt to help people
2d. You seem to have read only the articles on socio/psychopathy and assumed that they are the full extent of the wealth of compassionate human interaction available to you here. I suggest you keep reading.
3d. The doctor has often expressed disdain for the average way his profession is practised. Or do you think all shrinks are the same? Maybe there's a conspiracy!

"Ever think? Why is it that we as a country can afford to police others help build space stations. Spend 350,000.00 $ on a photo! and still have families forced out of their homes, homeless , hungry people? Why is that?"

1e. I often wonder about that too. Now what in a flying **** does this have to with Dr. Robert? DOC, DID YOU CAUSE THE FINACIAL CRISIS? I knew it, it was the psychocapitalistthearipist conspiracy all along! :)

To summarise Jere - You have not read anything on this website, you have instead ran your eyes down the page, found a few sentences and buzzwords that tickled you, and constructed a jumble of hard to follow words to strike back at a position that is not espoused by Dr. Robert nor, I suspect, by anyone. I wish there was something I could say to you, but as you seem to care little for constructing a coherent argument, let alone spelling, I feel it would be a waste of words. What, exactly, is your argument? What are you trying to say? I hate to say it, but I think your post is just a case of righteous indignation, you spouting what you feel from your own value system is expected of you, so you can feel as though you are living up to your own ideal.

I wi

Re: sociopathic pain


It is very sad to see how much hatred and anger are manifested in your self-righteous and insulting replies.

Please do us all a favor and find yourself a better place where to rant and exhibit your sour attitude. It is obvious that you are not looking for answers but for assurance of your right to be angry and resentful. Truth is you have the right to be angry; someone seems to have hurt you profusely. But why not direct it in a way that might help you get rid of it, and not toward others who have done nothing wrong to you? Maybe you just find it easier to judge and insult others rather than facing what you feel?

If what you want is help, look for it...and be prepared for it not to be that easy!! but if what you are looking for is a "fight" there are better places for you. I am sorry to tell you but life has nothing to do with fairness or possessing "the truth". We live and experience what we must. If you ever find "the truth" I have to assume you must be dead.

Have a nice recovery and let go.

Re: sociopathic pain

hi all! jere... I am a sociopath. oogly boogly boo. I don't molest children. I don't think about molesting children. "pedophile" is not a synonym for "socipath" neither is "serial killer" "evil" or "monster". their are many degrees of good people and bad people. and their are sociopaths all along that spectrum. that being said. when a sociopath is bad, they have the potential to be really bad. I can tell that your experience with one has been terrible and I apologize on their behalf. at the same time it is a safe bet that someone you greatly admire is a sociopath. some of your favorite celebrities, actors, musicians sports figures, political figures are most likely sociopaths. only someone that truly understands the condition can point one out.

If you think its easy being a sociopath, your wrong, regardless of good or bad, we are lonely. we always will be, we can't love, we lack the ability, we can fool ourselves into thinking we can. but we can't. I'm not telling you to apologize, I'm just saying the last thing that I need to read is that I'm evil. I WANT HELP. as do many of us on this website, and to tell a sociopath that they are evil is just fueling the fire.

Re: sociopathic pain

I am also a sociopath and really have no conscience, but for some reason I try to keep myself under control. I am not really afraid of going to jail or prison, but I still like to follow laws and customs, mostly so I am not hassled by anyone I guess. I like to blend in, so I end up doing very little harm if any. I know that there are other psychopaths like me, and Dr. Robert is the only authority I have ever found who recognizes that psychopaths come in different flavors, and it is wrong to blame all psychopaths for the really bad misdeeds and crimes of a few. Psychopaths did not choose to be the way they are, even though some of them dont mind being the way they are. And some of us do mind the way we are, we would like to be able to love, but we just cant even if we try. We are just born this way, I believe, just like gays are born gay, not made gay. Thanks doctor. I love your site.

Re: sociopathic pain


You stated that you can identify a fellow sociopath. I'm interested in which celebrities, in your opinion, are sociopaths.

Re: sociopathic pain

If I were a sociopath, I would be in pain. Pain from reading Wini and Jere’s posts in this thread. Those posts from the Wonder Twins were the some of the most asinine comments I have ever had the displeasure of reading on this forum. Religion and/or emotion fueled stupidity (am I being redundant?) annoys me. I know. It’s a weakness and I’m working on it.

A word to the wise. Folks, stop thinking of yourself as a victim and maybe you’ll have an easier time of it. So many of you are slaves to your emotions. I’m not advocating that you stop feeling because that is impossible. Merely stop believing that you need to do something or live a certain way because you feel it. Listen to your brains more and your feelings less. You will find yourself in situations like the OP’s less often. Just a thought…

Re: sociopathic pain

I hate ******s cause they steal, smell bad, and they're all rapists.

Now replace "******s" with "psychopaths" or "witches". Do you understand the fallacy?

Can I be in your neocon republican gang?! That way we can march around the middleeast butchering innocent people in the name of our republican superiority.

My whole life has been a lie told to me. I have suffered cruelties that I have no doubt would shatter your fragile existance and all the suffering I endured was inflicted... by your kind. Not a psychopath. So to me... you are the monster you fear and your ugly inside...

You'll never have revenge. Those who seek revenge are destroyed by themselves in an attempt to destroy others.


Re: sociopathic pain

You hate who? All I got was *****s...

Re: sociopathic pain

I can't say in English but....名はこなす。

It may come interesting for people to know but I don't believe in racisum. It has never made sense to me. I do believe in steriotypes but not literally. But racisum is the same fallacy as witch hunting, religious prosecution, closedminded think... It's all the same and it's all a strong aspect of having emotional minds. Emotion often drifts away from logic and reason. Crimes of passion ect.