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Re: are you a Psycopath?

"You are given Free Will ! I will be the last to deni it from you!"

If I am 'given' free will, then how did I choose it of my own free volition? And if I don't 'choose' it, how can I be said to be responsible for it? Responsible for what I do with my free will?

"Dr. with all due respect are you a Psycopath? I ask because , Psycopaths are very intelegent yet lack Concience and remorse They only mimic emotions. Human Parasites, Chamelions. You said there is a place in society for these people. Yet you see where our economy and society have progressed??? I guess for you the human condition is a random act in nothingness ! There is no good or bad , Evil or goodness and Love no reason for faith in a Higher power ! "

1. When did the good Dr. ever claim that we were progressing, or indeed regressing as soceity?
2. That the doctor said that our society finds a place for the sociopath, does not mean he said that it is GOOD that society finds such a place.
3. Higher power? Faith? Please define what you mean by these words. Do not assume they are obvious to your readers.

"Sad! no ultimate goal but Get as much as you can while the getting is good regardless of the cost to anyone or others. Profit! Greed! Deciet! Lies! Manipulation at your higher level!"

1a. I would be interested to see where exactly Dr. Robert has espoused this behaviour. It sounds psychopathic. I thought the Dr. had been most clear on his views on this kind of behaviour, and why it is not acceptable (which does not mean that we cannot at the same time treat the people who have been conditioned to feel this way, probably from an upbringing similar to your own, with compassion)

"Organized Religion has done many good things but if your focus is on human error and misunderstanding in the churches then I guess your the authority!"

1b. So you admit that human error and misunderstanding have arisen from organised religion. How, then, is one to accept it as being the mouthpiece of that which is perfect?
2b. If all organised religions have led to human error and misunderstanding, how are we to know which is correct? After all, surly only one of them is correct, or none of them are.

"This country USA was founded because of the desire for religious freedom! Regardless of what Thomas Jefferson said. You r Quotes of the Brillant people only serve to alainate you from the truth! Science is not The Creator only apart of the whole picture. Take the Soul out of Mankind or hide it so deep in the mind that it's not heard anymore! BAAM! Physcopaths, Sociopaths, Narsisssists, MONSTERS! Ever had a Brain scan?"

1c. The good Dr. does not live in the USA anymore.
2c. Who said science had the whole picture? Where exactly does the Dr. say this?
3c. I find it funny how you seem to know what the 'truth' is, yet don't see fit to grace us with it. How unChristain of you !(I am assuming that you consider yourself to be Christian here. Hey, its how your country was founded, right? Religious freedom as long as your White? But Native American or African? **** you, get your slave ass to OUR Church. Ah, Freedom!)

"Seems to me if you really wanted to help society You might concentrate your attention on Helping these people instead of copping out that there is no help, How friggining convient for your profession!"

1d. I am at a loss as to how you can view this website as anything but an attempt to help people
2d. You seem to have read only the articles on socio/psychopathy and assumed that they are the full extent of the wealth of compassionate human interaction available to you here. I suggest you keep reading.
3d. The doctor has often expressed disdain for the average way his profession is practised. Or do you think all shrinks are the same? Maybe there's a conspiracy!

"Ever think? Why is it that we as a country can afford to police others help build space stations. Spend 350,000.00 $ on a photo! and still have families forced out of their homes, homeless , hungry people? Why is that?"

1e. I often wonder about that too. Now what in a flying **** does this have to with Dr. Robert? DOC, DID YOU CAUSE THE FINACIAL CRISIS? I knew it, it was the psychocapitalistthearipist conspiracy all along! :)

To summarise Jere - You have not read anything on this website, you have instead ran your eyes down the page, found a few sentences and buzzwords that tickled you, and constructed a jumble of hard to follow words to strike back at a position that is not espoused by Dr. Robert nor, I suspect, by anyone. I wish there was something I could say to you, but as you seem to care little for constructing a coherent argument, let alone spelling, I feel it would be a waste of words. What, exactly, is your argument? What are you trying to say? I hate to say it, but I think your post is just a case of righteous indignation, you spouting what you feel from your own value system is expected of you, so you can feel as though you are living up to your own ideal.

I will pray for you.

Website: deleted

Re: are you a Psycopath?

seems to me you found a lot to say to me!

Yes! Jesus is The Meaning of Life.

I guess what most Botherd me about This Dr. was his compleet lack of respect for religions and then his attempt to discredit them as less than intelectual thinking . Kind of the blind leading the blind. You cai'nt fix stupid!

Remember Sociopaths mimic emotions, feelings, words . So True that many seem to fit right in till the house of cards comes tumbling down! Greed and self is all they care about. I did'nt just read it. I lived it!

volition = will And you say I jumble words .Put your shoe's back on your feet! Pray for me right!

Re: are you a Psycopath?

So if you don't love Jesus and believe in chritianity, your life has no meaning? What about the billions of people on this planet who have other ideas about religion, life, and meaning?

Re: are you a Psycopath?

I guess all of them including dr robert and myself are all just wrong and you, jere, are right. you know everything and are saved and the rest of us are going to hell. Right?

Re: are you a Psycopath?

Hey now your getting all angry someone said Christians are angry? I have never found an angrier bunch than Athiest!

Remember Hell is just a word just like Faith No real meanning in it right?

Re: are you a Psycopath?


You don't have to worry about anyone but you! It's your free will to Trust that Jesus was who he said he was or to not!

Re: are you a Psycopath?

jere, I replied at length as it seemed to me that YOU had a lot to say. And how you can think that our responses are angry, and that your initial post was not, confuses me. I thought we were to do unto others as we would have them do unto us?

I'm glad I taught you some new words. I'm actually terrible at spelling. I run everything I write through the spell checker, to make things easier for other people. Of course, I could really be a psycho, just saying this when really I do it to make myself seem smarter, suck the life out of people etc.

Please could you tell me what the meaning of life before Jesus was?

I'm still praying for you. With my shoes on if you like (?). Did I mention that I pray to to Zeus? It's because there are these documents, also written in a form of Greek oddly enough, by people who claim to have talked to him (he didn't write anything down himself, of course), that say he's the King of kings. But you can choose to believe this of your own free will.

Website: deleted

Re: are you a Psycopath?

I say "so-called" faith because that kind of "faith" does not seem to me to represent anything useful or positive at all. In that usage, "faith" is simply another word, a better sounding one, for credulity, which means to believe in something simply because some authority has commanded that you do so. In my view, this attitude is the death of intelligence, and explains to a great extent why the life of the world's societies seems so absurdly unworkable. After all, if my "faith" tells me that it will all come out OK in the end (I will go to heaven, or the messiah will descend to save humanity, etc.) why would I take seriously the real problems of real people? In other words, unexamined "faith" most often comprises a collection of ideas which, to me, seem dangerous, wasteful of the opportunity to be alive as a human being, and even (as we see all over this planet) deadly.


Does this sound like a Person who cares about the billions of people who do believe in a Creator? and find Hope and peace and love in their comunities with the fellowship of those who choose to believe that there is a higher goal than self or does this sound like a person who thinks He is above and better educated and on a higher SCALE of self worth?

Oh and James My mother is an english teacher and I is disleick db so any time your confused to the meaning just ask . It's not important how it's spelled it's important what it means! Peace

Re: are you a Psycopath?

You quoted dr. Robert, but only part of what he said in his page called
On Religion. I
think any fair person who read the whole thing and also looked at the
pictures on that page would not have taken it the way you did.

On that same page he says this "My objection to religious ideas is
not to the ideas themselves, but to the attitude that wants to put
religious ideas into a special category, different from any other
kind of ideas, so that the religious ideas are somehow seen as
deserving extraordinary protection from examination and criticism. In
other words, somehow human beings have fallen into a kind of strange
superstitious attitude which holds that calling into question ideas
in this one exclusive category, religion, is somehow especially
intolerant, and abusive of the so-called "faith" of the
people who believe in them."

That does not sound like someone who hates religion, but only tries to say
that religion should be open to question and not just excepted
because someone taught you to except it. A person from another countr
or even from the same block where you live might be told something
entirely different and believe that just as much as you believe what
you believe. You say that dr. robert doesn't care about all the
people who believe in a creator and that he is coming off superior,
but YOU are coming off superior jere. YOUR god is better than
everyone elses' god. What gives you the right to say that and write
angry posts about dr. robert's web page which was only saying that we
should question things and not take them as facts just because some
book or some person said so. What proves that your god is better then someone elses' god? Don';t you know that other people think their god is better and their book tells them that just like your book tells you that your god is better. What do you wanat to do, let the two books fight it out? Also if he did n't care about people why
is he donating his time to answeering questions?

"When "faith" is examined with full attention and with real
intelligence, one may find some of the religious ideas useful, while
discarding, or at least revisioning, those which are not. This is
what I recommend: Don't take anything on faith. Believe only that
which you, personally, have examined. As I wrote this, I recalled
that it comes directly from one of the Buddhist sutras, in which
Buddha says:

"Believenothing just because a so-called wise person said it. Believe nothing
just because a belief is generally held. Believe nothing just because
it is said in ancient books. Believe nothing just because it is said
to be of divine origin. Believe nothing just because someone else
believes it. Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be

Re: are you a Psycopath?


This just goes to prove when we read something We read into it what we want to hear !

To ME <----- and Me apperently alone, The dr. degredation of religion and faith in something more than bugs! the Human SOUL as being above yours and my understanding . That a Divine power exists that made everything and we are just a part of it! I am the least of these things . I do not hold my self up as supieor to anyone or any thing ! I cannot live as long as even that Pine Tree on the Mountain. I cannot add a day to my life by worring about it! But I have a personal relationship with My Lord that Helps me to stay sane in a world where there are people and non-entities like corporations who can throw a family out of a home or steal all they have with no concience or remorse or feeling , like they where just used toilet paper!

Does that help you understand?

I purpously included the entire paragraph for the exact reason . He does not believe there is any purpose for faith nor any worth to it. He said that! there fore those who do believe and have faith are less than INTELEGENT! He wants to prove with science what is beyond science! Prove wind! Prove soul? prove Love? Get It?

Re: are you a Psycopath?

jere, I get it that you believe what you believe, but I don't get why you are so sure of what you believe. You leave no room for questioning anything. Your attitude is what I believe is right and anyone who dares to question it or to wonder where all of this believe and faith comes from is bad. You are the one who wrote about the doctor's attitude towards psychopaths. You said he was wrong to allow that maybe psychopaths have a place in this world. But isn't that exactly what Jesus was supposed to have taught? What I mostly hear in your letters is anger. You are angry at the world, angry at corporations, angry at anyone who doesn't believe what you believe, and angry at the doctor because he has compassion for psychopaths. That was what your first letter was about when you asked the doctor is he was a psychopath. No one would think that. The man is kind and understanding to everyone who writes. Why not write to him about your anger and sufferng and see what he says? The one thing YOU don't seem to get is that a psychopath did not ask to be born that way. He was born a psychopath and that is not his fault. You talk about psychopaths as if the are less than human,but they are not less than human. They are human just like you. Nothing wrong with being a christian, but if you are one you should follow what Jesus said "forgive them for they know not what they do." This goes for everyone, even psychopaths, even YOU.

Re: are you a Psycopath?


First You say that you agree with dr.Psyco that Faith and religion are for the week minded and uneducated! Then you turn around and Use Christian Values and Jesus's teachings to try to Learn me something ? AMAZING! And that was my point from the start! You can not preach one direction and do the opposite , that is Psycopathic! It's easy to sound/read Nice ; Live well! It's a whole nother ballgame to Practice what we preach!
The compassion I had for a Psychopath almost cost me my life! But I don't wish them any harm I still Pray for mine all the time. Once you Love someone it's difficult to Not!
I'm not Angry ! You cannot prove that God does not exist! And I know he does! And If I am wrong I don't lose anything!

Question; what is the opposite of LOVE?

Re: are you a Psycopath?

I visit Doctor Robert's website several times a week, and I have read all of it at one time or another. I like to check it out to see what new writing is there. The idea that the doctor is a psychopath is really stupid. If you really read his site you will see that he is just trying to help the poeple who write to him. He isn't defending the bad things that psychopaths do. He was trying to explain how a psychopath thinks and what makes a psychopath different from other kinds of people. He tries to give everyone a break and tries not to judge poeple. He is a good person and you shouldn't callhim a psychopath. I can't find it now, but the doc wrote somewhere that people who are not psychopaths can do all kinds of bad things too, so why blame psychopaths for being the way they are. No one asks to be a psychopath. You are just born that way. And why are all you christians so angry anyway? Also Thomas Jefferson was one of the fathers of the country and was not a christian so this is not a christian country it is a country for everyone nomatter what you think.

Re: are you a Psycopath?


Stupid is as stupid does or as stupid writes/types

The reason your not understanding Psycopathy/Sociopathy is because you have never been the victim of one of these Creatures!

They are Human-Looking-Parasites that suck the life out of another person and then leave the carnege for another victim! There is no Place in this world for this type of cancer! IMHO

Re: are you a Psycopath?

Ever pickup a dollar bill read it! In God We Trust!

ever go to court? In God We Trust ! So Sorry your in the Minority of Brilliant peoples to intellegent to believe in A Higher Power! ever read or been to AA 12 steps I will find them and post them for you.

also Ernesto don't take it so personal everyone is entitlled to thier own opinion . No one forced you to read my post or respond! It's just coversation! If the good dr. has some supreior incite I am sure He will let us know!

Re: are you a Psycopath?

You must be kidding. The doctor never said any of the things you accuse him of. Also, he never said he was against religion. I read his webpage all the time. He simply said that the claims of religion are not facts, but ideas,and so must be examined critically just like any other ideas, not just believed because some authority tells you to believe them. He also said that faith is another word, a politer one for credulity which means believing things because some authority tell you to believe them. Think for yourself, Jere.
In my opinion the doctor is the opposite of a psychopath. He cares about people and tries to help them, just as the others have already said.
As far as psychopaths go, perhaps you should take a look in the mirror.

Re: are you a Psycopath?

If he never said Faith has no purpose and no use then why are you replying to my post? He does not believe in God he believes in himself! And has gatherd the Quotes from other intelectuals to make himself feel good!
The Bible is a History Book ,not a romance novel with me on the cover! :) The History is of Gods relationship with man. What was writen in the old testament was fullfilled in the New Testament! Go back and read it again perhaps it won't be as difficult to understand or believe! Peace

Re: are you a Psycopath?

I know both Jere and presumably Wini love my habit of quoting themselves back to them but hey, you say you are Christians, so forgive me.

Wini -

“I agree with the rules and regulations that Jesus gave us in his blueprint how to live (the Bible)”

Did Jesus write the Bible? I keep asking this question and yet you still do not answer.

“there own big ego. Believing in what is good for them and only them at the expense of EVERYONE else in society ... their family, their spouse, their children, their neighbor, law, employers, co-workers ... everyone and anyone they can exploit and NOT have to take responsibility for their actions, unless, of course, they are caught and their butts are tossed in prison.....All atheists must be either attorneys or related to attorneys who want the world to stay in chaos cause it feeds their own selfish agendas”

Umm, do you seriously believe that there was no chaos in this world before the rise of secularism in the west?

“I'd like to add my 2 cents in about anti-social personalities, whether they be Narcissist, psychopaths, sociopaths, or just plain selfish pain in the Butts ... the obnoxious personalities we all have to deal with ... and yes, the immaturity and selfishness of the children raised in the last 40 + years has more than sent the statistics of these self serving PUNKS through the roof. I can't even call them adults, no matter what age they are chronologically. They are spiritually stunted individuals that have never read, comprehended and obeyed God's wisdom”

Well, you most certainly do not come across here as a superior person who knows better than all the rest. Judge not, lest yea be judged?

Which leads nicely to Jere -

“I'm not Angry ! You cannot prove that God does not exist! And I know he does! And If I am wrong I don't lose anything!”

-You write as though you are very angry
-You cannot prove that God, as YOU think he exists, with the PARTICULAR HISTORICAL RELATIONSHIP TO THE WORLD that YOU believe he/she/it holds, exists
-You don't loose anything? So the criterion of judgement is not what is true, but what is useful to your life? How Nietzschean! Perhaps you are not without ego yourself!

“The Bible is a History Book ,not a romance novel with me on the cover! :) The History is of Gods relationship with man. What was writen in the old testament was fullfilled in the New Testament! Go back and read it again perhaps it won't be as difficult to understand or believe! Peace !”
Umm, there's plenty of Jews who might disagree. Why, exactly, are they wrong, and you right? If its a history, which is a report of facts that happened, then how can there be such disagreement?

see next post...

Re: are you a Psycopath?

“I purpously included the entire paragraph for the exact reason . He does not believe there is any purpose for faith nor any worth to it. He said that! there fore those who do believe and have faith are less than INTELEGENT! He wants to prove with science what is beyond science! Prove wind! Prove soul? prove Love? Get It?”


An example – I believe that all humans are descended from apes. Now if I believed it because my Dad told me this was true, and after all, apes kind of look like us, I WOULD BE AN IDIOT.

If instead, I am given a statistical framework that demonstrates how simple features which are advantageous for an individual, imply that over time, given that the features are repeated randomly by variation at birth over and other again, that that feature is likely to become prevalent in a species and given sufficient time can potentially lead one population of that species so far away from another population of that species that they become incapable of interbreeding and therefore can be considered separate species... I have THOUGHT AND UNDERSTOOD the idea for myself, and can take it as a useful idea, one that I can apply to new situations and new species by myself, independently of what any one else thinks. I can explain, evaluate, and refine the idea myself, instead of viewing it as a monolithic TRUTH that never changes and therefore is beyond question

“First You say that you agree with dr.Psyco that Faith and religion are for the week minded and uneducated! Then you turn around and Use Christian Values and Jesus's teachings to try to Learn me something ? AMAZING! And that was my point from the start! You can not preach one direction and do the opposite , that is Psycopathic! It's easy to sound/read Nice ; Live well! It's a whole nother ballgame to Practice what we preach! “

Christian Values, that is, the nice one (not those parts towards the end of the new testament about beating women and keeping them out of churches), are ideas, and ideas can be judged by yourself.

e.g. Treat all human beings with compassion = A very good idea, I think, and one I think might have occurred to me without Jesus.

The joke of your life is, you really believe that, If someone aside from Jesus had not written that it was a good idea to love each other in a book called the Bible, that we MIGHT NEVER HAVE THOUGHT OF IT. This is exactly what the Dr. is writing about when he slams faith. The idea that we should love each other as brothers is great. THE BELIEFE THAT THIS IDEA COMES FROM A JEW WHO LIVED 2000 YEARS AGO, AND HIM ALONE, AND IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN HIM AND HIS EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS AND JURISDICTION OVER THIS IDEA, YOU WILL BE SENT TO INFINTE SUFFERING IN HELL, FOREVER, BY A GOD WHO LOVES YOU, INFINITELY, is offensive to me, and I reserve the right to employ my 'God given' reason in questioning it.

“Question; what is the opposite of LOVE?”

-I'm sensing a lot of it from you, Jere. You can talk of praying all you want, I know I have, but all jesting aside, would you please state if you do or do not hate Dr. Robert? I'm sure can find a Bible passage to quote to you either way. The idea is not that WE live up to a book that you hold up as the truth, sole truth, only truth, but that YOU live up to it, and in full, before you espouse it to us.

Re: are you a Psycopath?


I don't know dr.robert! There are people I do not care for! I hate no one!

James you have to admit that the dr. regards any religion as a weekness? You said yourself He slams religion!
When a Human being who believes in a higher Authority than dr. reads this from a professed professional ! This is why I came off as angry or typed angry. He Pulled his own punch which He claimed not to do and I read it from the beginning!

For All I know, No one will get it Right! Life that is. But the Teachings of Jesus seem the best path ! If your right I still have lost nothing because all we are is dirt anyway. Does that make since?

Re: are you a Psycopath?

I, others and even Dr. Robert have explained this over an over again, and yet you do not understand.

Religious IDEAS are not the same things as Religious FAITH. FAITH is accepting an IDEA as true, beyond question, because you have been told to/because you "feel" it must be so/because it makes you happy, and NOT because you have considered it for yourself, independently of anyone else, and, upon critically examining it for yourself, believe it to be true.

It is the existence of religious FAITH that the Dr. is critiquing, not the existence of religious IDEAS. Some of these IDEAS, of course, he judges to be good, and others bad.

We have all been most clear on this point, most of all Dr. Robert in his articles which you have repeatably misrepresented and misread. I see no use in replying to you any more and leave you in peace.

If you really are stuck on this, I would suggest reading several extensive, philosophical definitions of the words "Objective" and "Subjective". You can access these on the internet. Googling "Standford encyclopedia of philosophy" and "wikipedia" would be good places ti start. Read them, and please think on them. If you think you already know what these words mean, I can only disagree with you and urge you to re-examine.