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Hi Doctor! Iam in need of ur help!!!!

Hi doctor? I hope you are doing fine.
Iam a well-educated Arab man who fell in love with an educated Chinese nurse woman. Our relationship started a year ago.We had been dating and having great times. Suddenly and without a convincing reason, my girlfriend broke up with me!!! Her execuse was that we have come from a different traditions and different customs and therefore, we should become good friends and appreciate the memories we had together!!! In the beginning, I didn't accept this idea! and told her that i dedicated and devoted all my love to you!!! and for no reason you stopped loving me!!! why? your execuses are not acceptable at all!!! You were e-mailing me and saying I love you my darling!!! you are my best lover and so on......
Unfortunately, later I tried to have her as my best friend!! but, she wouldn't reply to my emails!!! nor answer my calls!!!!

She was separated and later got divorce and i'm still separated and i'll get divorce soon! and she knows about it!!! but, what happened with her? I still didn't know!!!
To tell you the truth, I still love her so much and i can not do without her!!!!!
Please, Iam in need of your help!!!
God bless you...
Thanks and tc
Yours faithfully,

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Re: Hi Doctor! Iam in need of ur help!!!!

Is this someone you only knew online or also in person? If it's online, then I'm sorry you fell so hard but she's probably right in that it won't work. Same goes for in person really. I think if she refuses to talk to you that you need to try and accept the fact and try to move on with your life. There really isn't any other choice. Good luck!