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"cloud seeding"

saw on the internet today that the rulers of Dubai had some cloud seeding done, and it rained, out of season.

how does this affect the weather or is it a once off and has nothing to do with the global warming

if it works that well why can't we do it for those very dry areas in this country or is it too expensive?



Re: "cloud seeding"

From what I've read on this subject it's something that has been practised as early as the 1940s and no it has nothing to do with global warming or any long term convection.

What they do is fire a rocket containing chemicals which allow the process which forms clouds to take place.Thus creating larger clouds, it's not something practiced in blue skies since it still requires the elements of normal cloud formation.

And there is not much proof as to how effective it is,sure they have done it to clouds and it has rained.. But the reason it can't be proven efficient is because there is no clue of the amount of rain that would have occurred has the cloud not been seeded.

Only some countries have these devices and due to the amount of uncertainty as to how well it effects the rainfall from clouds it's not something many people are willing to spend money on.

Again as far as I understand it won't work unless there are already clouds in the sky

Re: "cloud seeding"

i understand - but presume that the clouds that are to be seeded have to be proper rain clouds and not just those beautiful fluffy bits that float around from time to time?



Re: "cloud seeding"

Well, by fluffy do you mean high level cirrus which are like whisps, or 'puffy' cumulus.My assumption would be that any precipitating cloud would do fine, but you are right if you assume that it won' work on Cirrus clouds.Since they are just basically ice particles.

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