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New eTV weather

I don't know how many of you have seen the new eTV weather setup they have.While I'm not sure why they hired an American to do the weather,I don't really mind as it makes no difference,he seems to know what he is talking about.

They have some very interesting timelapse satellite graphics merged with the pressure gradients though.Which is really cool,and they seem to focus more on individual systems and actually talk about the storms.

Re: New eTV weather

More information please: channel number, times, etc.
Greetings- Kobus Botha.

Re: New eTV weather


i usually catch the 13h00 broadcast on e.tv and it is an abbreviated form which shows the various hot and cold spots all over the world



Re: New eTV weather

Well it's just the segment after the news on eTV,they're remodelled the graphics,added some merged satellite with synoptic views and gotten a new weatherman.So eTV just before 19:30 usually.It may not be a huge step,such as having an entire channel dedicated to weather including programs about weather etc,like in the U.S, but it certainly is a big step up from SABC and eTV's old weather forecasts graphics wise

Re: New eTV weather

Ja dit is nogal baie beter as die weer op sabc 1,2 en 3. Wens net hulle wil ook so bykom