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hael skade in suid africa

Gaan daar nog hael skade in suid afrika plaas vind voor die winter???

Re: hael skade in suid africa

hier in Johannesburg is dit gewoonlik bitter koud met reen en fyn hael gedurende die Randse Paasskou - is dit wat jy bedoel?
groete in onkunde

Re: hael skade in suid africa

hi..wel ek wil graag weet....gaan dit meer in suid africa hael,reen ens a.g.v global warning????

Re: hael skade in suid africa

Lees gerus die volgende:
As the globe warms, temperatures on Earth's surface and in the atmosphere increase, creating colder conditions in the stratosphere, the uppermost layer of the atmosphere. Scientists have linked megacryometeors to unusual conditions in the "tropopause," the boundary between the troposphere (the lower atmosphere) and the stratosphere. Located five to nine miles above the surface, the tropopause marks the limit of clouds and is important in the development of storms. Global warming may be making the tropopause colder, moister and more turbulent, creating conditions in which ice crystals grow like ordinary hailstones in thunderclouds, but much, much bigger.
Bron:Collin Dunn, USA.
Groete- Kobus.

Re: hael skade in suid africa

I personally do not agree that global warming at the moment has much baring on the current weather.The problem is that there are not enough weather records available climate wise to say if global warming is having an impact on anything or if it is just weather being it's usual unpredictable self.Over 100 years of international weather records and one can still not say whether it is an affect of global warming or just a trend.Some people like to use 2005 hurricane season as a huge global warming story,when really 1933 had a very active year as well.

Interestingly though I find hail in the past few years in Gauteng has been less than a few decades ago (from family members who lived there),while this may not be the case I remember stories of golf ball sized hail often occurring.There have been some decent sized hail events over the past 6 years but nothing out of the ordinary it seems.

Majority of Gauteng's (More summer area rainfall areas) hail comes from severe thunderstorms,unlike cape town's which usually occur in cold fronts accompanied by cumulonimbus.And the thing about hail within thunderstorms or hail in general it is impossible to predict weeks in advance.Even two or three days out hail forecasts are rarely on key.They base around the principle of the amount of uplift in the clouds and what kind of conditions are expected to develop.A severe thunderstorm warning will often come with a hail warning.

So overall one can't really predict hail,unless there are clear signs of an imminent severe thunderstorm,in which case it's possible but still not guarenteed.

Re: hael skade in suid africa

hi....wel vanaand in klerkdorp was daar n hael storm....is dit normaal vir die winter???

Re: hael skade in suid africa

Hail in the winter is normal it's just a different type of hail most times,hail in winter storms associated with cold fronts will be smaller,while the hail from thunderstorms caused by a convection will be larger as the thunderstorms updrafts will keep pulling them back up and making the hail stones attach to themselves,making them larger.But both can occur at any time of the year really

Re: hael skade in suid africa