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genetically modified crops

hi there
would an excessive rainfall not wash any of these modified seeds into and onto other areas and in due course affect the natural plantlife of an area?

Re: genetically modified crops

That can never happen. The seeds are genetically modified- water can't change this. The same with you and me- water will never change our genetic composition- so keep on taking your bath or shower every day!
Greetings- Kobus Botha.

Re: Re: genetically modified crops

The “general” misunderstanding of GMO’s is that it can alter other crops in the immediate area.
Not possible at all.
Originally the Incas grew maize that was almost inedible.
Over the years maize was genetically modified by the producers all over the world to suit us.
Only in the pollination stage can there be a transfer of genes, but only to maize plants and nothing else.
That is why there must be 50m or so space between GMO maize lands and NON-GMO maize lands to prevent cross polliation.
GMO pollen can only transfer the genes to another maize plant and not to the grasses in the area or trees for that matter.
There are more involved in the matter than what the eye can see. The maize plant is not the issue here anymore. Can you imagine the global financial losses if 50% of the world’s pesticides are sidestepped by a clever GMO food-plant or water pumping and storage systems if a plant uses less water?
If you want to know more, let me know and maybe I can give you more answers on GMO’s.