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Official International Cinderella Pageant Discussion Forum

Hello!  I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our worldwide family of Cinderella participants, their families and friends to the Official Cinderella Message Board. It is my hope that this board will allow all of you the opportunity to communicate with each other in a kind, loving and supportive way. Please know that we will not allow posts that are rude, vulgar, offensive or hurtful. Additionally, we do not allow advertisements of outside goods or services or solicitations of any kind on our message boards.  This is to insure the safety of our participants and the integrity of our program.  I hope you will find your participation on these boards both enjoyable and informative.  Happy Posting!
Fred Vollman, President

Forum: Official International Cinderella Pageant Discussion Forum
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Baby can't fly to International

I want to enter state but I was told if you win you have to go to International.
My 10 month old has suffered from ear infections and her Dr does not want her flying. I have a hard time too b/c of my allergies, my ears pop then I'm deaf for 2 days after the flight. Plus the pain/pressure is so much, I would be too scared to make her suffer if she takes after me.
NY to LV is very far to take a baby.
What should I do? Can I enter another International in the future, maybe one that is in driving distance?

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