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Hello!  I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our worldwide family of Cinderella participants, their families and friends to the Official Cinderella Message Board. It is my hope that this board will allow all of you the opportunity to communicate with each other in a kind, loving and supportive way. Please know that we will not allow posts that are rude, vulgar, offensive or hurtful. Additionally, we do not allow advertisements of outside goods or services or solicitations of any kind on our message boards.  This is to insure the safety of our participants and the integrity of our program.  I hope you will find your participation on these boards both enjoyable and informative.  Happy Posting!
Fred Vollman, President

Official International Cinderella Pageant Discussion Forum
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Congrats to everyone today in Ontario at the Inland Empire prelim! And to all the girls who came from the previous prelims it was so wonderful to see you again! It is nice to have that Cinderella family. Miss Tina you did a wonderful job! You are going to get these girls spoiled with all the cute gifts! Emmie-what can we say-"YOU ROCK!" (Must be a Texas thang! HAHA!) Miss Andrea and Miss Pat we cannot wait til state! It is going to be a lot of fun! See everyone at state.

Angie and Nattie Dunn


Hi Angie,

First of all, Welcome to CA! How old is your daughter? We didn't make it to the Ontario prelim, but my daughter was the OA Baby at Angel City. How was Ontario? Can anyone tell us who won? Look forward to meeting you at State!

Clarissa and Carlotta


Thanks Angie & Nattie. This was our 2nd pageant, 1st with Cinderella. Thank you ALL for being sooo kind and helpful to myself and Georgie. You all are wonderful. We are seriously thinking about doing State. If we do we look forward to seeing you all......


Hope you guys do come to state! We went home and told my hubby all about how cute Georgie was! Talk about a little doll. She is a natural on the stage! And I have to give credit to the doting brother! Please stay in touch! ...Angie and Nattie


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congrats to all the girls who won in Ontario! i look forward to meeting everyone at state! i will be representing nor cal (although im originally a so cal girl) and i cant wait :)


Does anyone know who won in each division at Ontario?

Re: Titles....

Hi! Here is what I remember and I hope I get the names correct. My apologies to everyone if I don't!

There were no Babies or Boys.

Overall Tot Georgie

Overall Mini Miss-Deja

Overall Teen Lauren

Teen Beauty Kristen

Honor Roll Mini Miss: Mary Kate

Honor Roll Miss: Nattie

Shirsten the San Diego teen was there to offer a helping hand as was the California Woman, Emmie!

Everyone was amazing and Miss Tina is really going to spoil the girls at these prelims if she is not careful! LOL! :>)

Hugs to all!


hey, i was wondering if there are any competitors in the womans division from so cal?

Congratulations to all of our California Cinderella Girls

It was great to see all of you last Sunday at the Ontario preliminary! You all did an amazing job and I loved feeling the Cinderella Magic! Ms. Tina you were amazing as always! I feel very blessed to have each one of you in our lives and I look forward to having so much fun at the state pageant! Cindy Hugs!

Re: Congratulations to all of our California Cinderella Girls

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted our titlists. Doing back to back prelims and THEN having to go to the dentist for a tooth extraction has me down for the count.

I apologize and would never want to ignore anyone's accomplishments.

CONGRATS to everyone who participated and I want to see everyone at state. We will have our FIRST "Cindy Store" with lots of great Cinderella-themed souvenirs for you to take home after your fun-filled magical weekend!

Thanks everyone for the accolades, I LOVE doing what I do so you guys will continue to be spoiled (I like the gifts too!!) LOL

See you in a few weeks!

Miss Tina T.

Re: Congratulations to all of our California Cinderella Girls

Congratulations to all my new CIndy Sisters!!!
I am sorry I wasn't able to see you all. I was in DIsney world in Orlando to celebrate my birthday , I was lucky to have Supper in Cinderella's Castle and show her my beautiful state crown She was very excited to see we have a scholarship program with her name. I am very excited to meet all of you and turn my title over to one of you . Once again Congratualtions and can't wait to see you all at states.
Cindy Hugs
Isabelle Richards
California State Tot 09-10

Re: Congratulations to all of our California Cinderella Girls

Happy Birthday Bella! Hope you all had a fun trip! Sounds wonderful! See you guys next month!

Carlotta & Clarissa