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Hello!  I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our worldwide family of Cinderella participants, their families and friends to the Official Cinderella Message Board. It is my hope that this board will allow all of you the opportunity to communicate with each other in a kind, loving and supportive way. Please know that we will not allow posts that are rude, vulgar, offensive or hurtful. Additionally, we do not allow advertisements of outside goods or services or solicitations of any kind on our message boards.  This is to insure the safety of our participants and the integrity of our program.  I hope you will find your participation on these boards both enjoyable and informative.  Happy Posting!
Fred Vollman, President

Official International Cinderella Pageant Discussion Forum
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Out of curiosity we are interested in some clarification on rules. At our State Pageant last year a question came up after one contestants' mother protested a talent routine that included a change of identity and costume on stage. This routine was completely tasteful and not suggestive in any way shape or form. It also included two costumes that completely covered the girl. It was decided that to avoid the conflict that the contestant would not change on final night, which she did not, but won the pageant in spite of losing the part of her routine that was interesting and surprising. It has haunted me and left a question in my mind that needs clarification for future pageants. Maybe Mr. Fred or some other official could settle this once and for all to avoid future shake ups. Thank you for ALL contestants.

Re: Rules

Let me begin by saying that I am not exactly sure what your question is... but let me give the answer a shot... In the past our Cinderella Participant Rules and Regulations for Talent competition for our 7-26 year old divisions stated that "garment removal was not allowed" during the participant's talent presentations. The rule existed because we wished to keep our program and our participants free from criticism... namely that garment removal (especially by a child) might be seen as a form of "burlesque", which (we all agree) would be totally inappropriate for a child. However, this rule had some unintended consequences... was the removal of a hat or cape to be considered "garment" removal, etc. Because of conflicts of this nature the rule was changed to say the following: "Talent presentations or costumes of a suggestive nature will mean automatic disqualification from competition. Discretion should be used in selecting talent material that is too mature or adult for the participant's age division".

This changed ruling effectively left the decision of "what was appropriate" in the hands of our trusted Judges, while cautioning participants that "when in doubt, don't".

I am not sure of the specific circumstances regarding the pageant and the participant you mention. However, from reading your post, I cannot see that anything improper was done.

Just to be clear, we have no rule against making modifications to a talent when moving from Preliminary competition to the Finals.

I hope this helps.

Re: Re: Rules

Yes,it does so much and is pretty much as I perceived. I can see real gray areas if someone chose to make waves, so staying age appropriate and cute and wholesome theoretically should be a safe path for us to continue on. Thanks again.