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Hello!  I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our worldwide family of Cinderella participants, their families and friends to the Official Cinderella Message Board. It is my hope that this board will allow all of you the opportunity to communicate with each other in a kind, loving and supportive way. Please know that we will not allow posts that are rude, vulgar, offensive or hurtful. Additionally, we do not allow advertisements of outside goods or services or solicitations of any kind on our message boards.  This is to insure the safety of our participants and the integrity of our program.  I hope you will find your participation on these boards both enjoyable and informative.  Happy Posting!
Fred Vollman, President

Official International Cinderella Pageant Discussion Forum
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Re: Re: Hi, can someone tell me the dates of Internationals this year? We hope to make it. Thanks!

I am new to all of this and my daughter is doing a prelim in North Carolina this coming weekend. Our State Finals aren't until June sometime? So, does that mean that if my duaghter was to win her prelim and then go to state and win that then we would only have little less the a month to get ready for Internationals?? I am just trying to think ahead and plan for what might happen. I don't want to be suprised by anything! :)

Re: Re: Re: Hi, can someone tell me the dates of Internationals this year? We hope to make it. Tha

Hi Stephanie,
I saw your post on the website and wanted to share with you my daughter has participated in the NC State system for the past two years, and welcome you to our WONDERFUL FAMILY!!!!! The NC State Directors are very informative of the International Pageant the morning after our State Competition is over, usually early Sunday morning. We also had a few weeks to prepare, although it won't be as stressful as you think. Your local director is wonderful, and will be there to help you with all the questions as well. About the only thing different we needed to purchase were some t-shirts to wear for our NC Girls, and of course arrange for your air travel, we might bite the dust and drive out this year and take some time coming home to tour different states. Would love to talk to you if you have any more questions, or I know the State Directors would as well. I have to tell you this experience was one of the best I have ever shared with my daughter, and meeting the young ladies from other parts of the USA as well as the other continents will not be forgotten!! Hope this helped some, and feel free to email me if you wish!! Good luck on your Prelim, as I said the Director is wonderful, go and meet some new "Cindy Friends"! Look forward to meeting you at STATE!!!!!!!

Re: Re: Hi, can someone tell me the dates of Internationals this year? We hope to make it. Thanks!

Could you please include the dates of the AAMC Talent Competition, we had so much fun there last year!