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Things "Eternal"

November 4, 2007

Ahhh, Rodger,

Now you give me something more to chew on! That's more like it my friend. Yes, let us discourse the word, "Eternal."

#166 Aionios- meaning eternal, belonging to the aion (165), time in its duration, that is constant, abiding, eternal. Used when referring to eternal life, that is - the life which is God's and hence not affected by the limitations of time. Aionios is specially predicated of the saving blessings of divine revelation, denoting, not belonging to what is transitory. Meaning (1) "having neither beginning nor end" (Rom 16:26; Heb 9:14) (2) Without end, meaning forever not only during the term of one's natural life but through endless ages of eternal life and blessings. (3) In Jude 1:7; Eternal fire refers to the miraculous fire from heaven which destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. This is evidenced not only because of the effect thereof shall be of equal duration of the world but also because the burning of those cities is a dreadful emblem of that everlasting fire (Matt 25:41) which awaits the ungodly and unclean (cf. 2 Pet 2:6). (4) Chronoi, times, aionioi, eternal, means the ages of the world aka the times since the beginning of the world's existence (Rom 16:25; 2 Tim 1:9; Titus 1:2;cf. Eph 1:4; and 1 Pet 1:20).

Rodger, your statement, "We should desire to experience the lake of fire if God sees that is what we need. That's how much we can relax in the arms of God's love." is a lie from the pits of hell. What are you saying Rodger? Indeed, we shall go through a refiners fire for the purpose of sanctification but that is not the promised, Lake of Fire for all infedels and unbelievers. That Lake of fire is a place of great torment, pain and suffering which all those who are cast into it will wish death over such pain and anguish. Furthermore, that Lake of of Fire is reserved for the enemies of God - not His chosen children nor the Elect who are promised not to taste the second death.

The refiners fire is that which we all must undergo in our lives - the promised suffering we all experience to varrying degrees in our duty bound faithfulness to Christ and His selfless pattern. You know... "that which does not kill you makes you stronger" applies in this particular case. But eventually... we all experience the first death. Even during the forthcoming promised resurrection of the dead and living, those among us who are still living - our mortal bodies must die in order to receive a "body incorruptable."

During a part of the tribulation, an angel is dispatched to preach one more time to all humanity on earth, "the salvation of our God." This will be the "last call" as it were for the remainder of suffering humanity to repent and be saved. This will be prior to Armageddon and the first resurrection. There are no other chances given according to scripture except that which takes place at the end of the milennium after the Gog-Magog War when all those who did taste the second death shall be resurrected back to life and appear before the Throne of Judgment. Rodger, it is possible that some will be allowed into the Kingdom at that point because Jesus described in great detail the lambs and goats before His throne. But it will not be "ALL" as you claim because that would be accusing Jesus of being a liar! My Lord is NOT a LIAR my friend. You are going to have to get a firm grip on reality here Rodger! Not all are saved!

Keep in mind to whom you are dialoguing with. I am the author of "Apostasy Revealed." My testimonies and shared revealations prove beyond a reasonable doubt the source of apostasy. In case you have not read it and tested it line by line with the litmus test of scriptures... this Godfearing disciple was used to expose that the promised apostasy was rooted in mainstream Christianity much like the rebellion that was exposed by Christ within Judaism. A pattern repeats itself for the gentiles after that which was first seen with early Israel. The unbelieving heart which God put in the Jews then is unchanged and still the same with them today. But a time draws near when a remnant will be given new hearts and they will finally see and believe "God is the same yesterday today and yes forever!" Your errant, mainstream beliefs are leading you straight into a fire that you should not be desiring my friend!

End Part I Things "Eternal"

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