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Re: Like I said before - Here's what's going to happen now

We would all have nervous breakdowns if we thought it was up to our works or "good behavior " to earn our salvation, but Jesus payed the price, so we don't have to recreate the truth (even if backed by Greek scholars, which really is the same as "man's wisdom) to "make sure" we're going there. I challenge you to ask the Lord what your nervous breakdown was all about. What were your fears, if you had truly believed that He paid the price, and if you had truly put your trust in Him alone to bring to you salvation. I think there may be something else going on here, (inside of you) which prevented you from embracing His finished work on behalf of your sins. We all have things in us (filters, blockages, fears, etc.) which interfer with receiving all He has for us-that's where being purified on the inside of us comes in. As we allow (invite) Him to search our inmost parts and subject ourselves to His scrutiny, He is faithful to reveal our most vile passions and evil ways. When He brings them into the light, we can then carry them to Him for cleansing and renewing our inward man. This process is so that He can conform us to His image-then and only then will we bring Him glory, because we know that within us dwells nothing good, and that our heart is deceitfully wicked. He wants to make us His vessels that are pure(cleansed from ourselves) so that He (His light and likeness) can flow through us. Rodger, my brother, I exhort you to seek Your Lord about this-Ask Him to search you to see what has caused these fears you had and sought relief for. I understand desiring relief from negative feelings. I myself struggle from many fears, and I have gone about finding my own relief before instead of turning to the Lord to go through them with me. This is just a stab in the dark, but is it possible that you have an earthly father-wound? This wound, I am finding out, produces such a gapping hole in our soul that only the Love of our Father God can mend it. Will you open your soul up to the gentle, search light of His Spirit? It is there we find alot of beliefs originate either from our wounds caused by our own sins or from the sins of others.

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