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Re: so much suffering!

It's really not what we think glorifies God, but what really does. That's the problem I am proposing-what our carnal minds want to think about truth, meaning what God's heart is and His judgements, not our own thoughts and judgements, or any Greek scholars, one way or the other. As far as nervous breakdowns go, maybe that's what is needed, so we can fall down before our Lord and say, "Help me," surrendering to His sovereign will for now and eternity. If we don't put ourselves in His mercy and grace, there is no hope for us, because that is exactly what saves us. I am not a fundamentalist as you probably are projecting that I am. I have asked the Lord to clear any programming by man as far as the truth of His word, and have submitted myself to the voice of His Spirit, which will lead me into all truth-His truth and not what man has said. So, I hoep that I am opened to His voice in all things. I even opened myself up to whatever you want to call your beliefs, but the Spirit of God overtime, veered me from getting entangled with it. It's almost as if He said, "That is my domain. Leave it at that." So, I am. Job said, "I have spoken of things to great for me." I believe, by the Spirit of God, that this is one of those things. All of know, is that the Son of God, who shed his blood for my sins, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and that there is no other way to the Father but by Him. Amen?

Here is what I think - by rodgertutt@sympa... - Oct 22, 2007 5:35am
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