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The information posted by Sasa on my forum is an unauthorized religious solicitation.

I followed the links and noticed a familiar pattern of mysticism and "Only Chosen" aspects claims made on their website. I strongly encourage anyone who follows the links in Sasa's solicitation to be carefully guarded and do not allow yourselves to be carried away by the appearance of Christian identity. The person responsible for this site has an education and background in demonology and for that reason I implore all to proceed with EXTREME CAUTION!

Neither the website owner(s) or the person named Sasa has dialogued with me regarding the content and credibility of their claims. Neither has anyone asked to use my forum for soliciting their "brand" of spirituality. For this reason and others - I do not advocate or endorse the information published on these given links.

With all sincerity and love for the truth and our scattered brethren abroad,
Nicholas A. Stivers, a humbled God fearing man, scribe and messenger.
Author; Apostasy Revealed published 2003 by Mountainview Publishing ISBN: 1-928602-92-4

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