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Mohammed PBUH

From: Khalid Amayreh
To: Nicholas A Stivers
Subject: Mohammed PBUH
Date: Jan 12, 2006 4:32 PM

Nicholas, you have no right to call a religion you don't agree with "filthy." Is this how your father and mother taught you to relate to those who disagree with you? Don't you believe that people may thoughtfully and sincerely hold different religions and differents views?

I know so many Christians who don't behave this way. I wonder if they represent a different religion than the one you claim to espouse.

As for Christianiy, I believe it is a form of polytheism.

You people worship a human being, a Prophet, who never ever claimed to be God. I once challenged two christians to establish if Jesus is God or son of God...One said he was God..the other said "son of God..." What kind of religion is that whose adherents are not sure of the identity of their God?

Jesus never said "I am God." He never told people to worship him. He actually told a woman "My God and your God is One."

He prayed to God, he beseached God, he cried out to God.

So, Jesus was not God. Jesus was a mere Prophet.

It is very interesting and very telling that you people seek to make up for the weakness and fragility of your faith, especially doctrine, by making lies, brash lies about Islam. I am very glad to see hundreds of thousands of Christians embracing Islam. I, too, most honestly and most sincerely invite you to the one true faith, faith in One God, the God of Abraham, Issac, Ishmael, Jacob, Moses and Jesus.

I will be willing and ready to conduct a debate with you on religion, provided you behave yourself and speak politely. In any case, name calling reflects weakness.


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