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Pictures restored

Hey sorry about the problem with the pictures! Here is what happened....

We had found thousands and thousands of pictures from auctions that go back as far as 2004 on our server. I decided to delete them. I used a program called cuteftp which is a very old program pre-windows xp that we had been using for a long time. I thought that the program would index the pictures in order of date. It appeared to be doing just that. But it didn't and before I could stop the program, it had deleted 90% of our current auctions. Actually I thought we were OK and that it was going to be OK since it looked like the pictures were there. (It hadn't deleted any of the thumbnail pictures.) But we all know that wasn't true so when I got home Wednesday evening after a nice dinner with some friends I received an email from a good customer telling me the situation that all the pictures had disappeared. And then an other, and then another, and then another......

That was Wednesday evening and that evening I started to try to work on the problem but wasn't organized and I managed to restore 4 pictures in 40 minutes. Frustrated I went to sleep on it.

You see the pictures have a different label name on our local computers than the servers in internetland. So this was going to be a horribly long and tedious task and I wasn't looking forward to it.

But sleeping on it helped a lot as when I awoke I had come up with a way of manually restoring the pictures in a systematic way. The only problem was I had 22 pages of auctions that had to be restored.

So on Thursday morning I decided to skip golf and work on the problem. Now if you know me, that was a really tough thing to do although it was going to be pretty cold and windy that morning so that fact made it easier.

So between yesterday and today (Thursday) we got all the pictures back up. And have also devised a way to delete in the future in a safe way using Filezilla rather than cuteftp!

So now life will go on, our customers will be happy and at least I got a story to tell the guys at golf! :)


Re: Pictures restored


Your Lionel Prewar Standard Gauge items still do not have pictures. If you can restore them, that would be nice, or you can email at the listed email address.


Re: Pictures restored

Hi.. There are only 2 Lionel pre-war std items and both show pictures. Could you be more specific with auction numbers please?

Re: Pictures restored

Neither auction shows pictures on any device. They are auctions 163890 and 163875.


Re: Pictures restored

OK thanks for the heads up. I will fix that tomorrow morning first thing.

Re: Pictures restored

Very strange... I can see the pictures on these two auctions on my main computer at work but I cannot see any pictures on my laptop. I don't know why that is happening. I am going to close both auctions and start them again. Hopefully that will resolve the problem.

Re: Pictures restored

OK they are now back up and I can see all the pictures on either computer. The new numbers are 164050 and 164051....