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Registration to become a new menber

Hi I have been trying to form a membership with your organisation, but yet to no avail. I would get say halfway through the questionnaire and then it would disappear into the computer world I really do not know why, as we are quite savvy on our computer. This happened three times so I just gave up and decided to send you this message because I began to think we were blocked out from bidding from the UK for some reason or another.
So do you think we could be advised if we are shut out from bidding! if not can you tell me where we are going wrong.

Thanking you
Vincenzo Big boss

Re: Registration to become a new menber

Hi.. I'm sorry you are having trouble. No we have no blocks as far as I know. We did receive two sign-ups for our email list but I have no sign of a registration from you. Could you try on another browser or computer? To be honest I don't know why you are having trouble.

Charles Siegel