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LGB Trains and A Large collection

Hello Train city and Choo choo collectors.
I have a very Large set Of LGB trains. I have so much that I can not keep count. I have a friend who is helping me go though every single piece so I can list it and share it. For all of those- who you may know or your self that are interested in buying a large set please copy my email. .
I have checked out and called the Owner of Train city from this website with no response yet- so I'm hoping by leaving this message it will find him faster. Please reach out to me.

So with sort and few words this Train set is massive and comes with a ton of track and a few other collectors items like posters, mugs, scenery town accessories and Control boxes and all. All, all.. Trains are still in original boxes and strapped down inside like the day they were bought, they also come with original papers. Most of them have protective cardboard sleeves surrounding the original boxes. I have multiples of Christmas sets, Coco-coca sets and much, much much more.
If you are the owner of this site and or any one else who can match his price list for LGB Trains (that are on his list) (OOOO I have many that he is looking for) please reach out to me. This is not a waste of time for any of you that might read this AD. We will be in touch and I check my email 50 times or more a day. Your message will not go unanswered. I am in Wisconsin so their will be shipping. Email mail for a list of what I have and Pictures....... Massive amount of LGB excellent condition...... Everybody wins.........

Thank you all for reading and It'll be a wonderful pleasure to talk and share my collection with you.
Serious buyers please........

Re: LGB Trains and A Large collection

Hi.. I received your message but have not had a chance to call. Could you just email a complete inventory when ready. We will do our best to give you a quote in a timely manner.

Charles Siegel

Re: LGB Trains and A Large collection

Hey thank you!

Okay so one question. I have reviewed your list of sale prices for LGB Trains on here, how accurate is that List?