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Steam Freight Set with Headlight No. 11311:

Looking for information regarding the above Train Set from my youth. Cannot locate on any of the pricing lists. In original box/box damaged. Hoping someone will respond. Thanks Lou

Re: Steam Freight Set with Headlight No. 11311:

you have a train set from 1963. In your set should be a engine with the number on it 1062. The tender is a 1061T. The set has 3 cars they are a flat car with 3 plastic pipes the number of this car is 6409-25 , but the car sides only has Lionel on it. Next should be a gray undecorated hopper car. The caboose is also undecorated and it's number is 6167-25. The tender, flat car and caboose should have A A R - type trucks with non operating coupler. The hopper car should have arch bar type trucks with one operating coupler and one non operating coupler.The set should also have eight curved track, a 1026 25 watt transformer, a C T C Lockon a tube of lubricant and instructions.The set sold when new for $14.95In excellent condition the set is worth about $90.00