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1962 rare athearn model train

I have a rare first production 1962 athearn model train that was left to me by my father who was an avid train collector. I am looking for someone who could tell me more about this train set and the value of it. From what I was told, only a couple were produced and have no production number. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! Mindy

Re: 1962 rare athearn model train


Re: 1962 rare athearn model train

hello Mindy. I'd like to help; BUT I need more info. Steam or diesel Engine? Railroad name? Number on engine? Freight or passenger cars? How many? Set box included? #?.

I believe you get the idea......Elmer wrote that it's probably NOT rare; but with the info requested I can tell you a potential value.

Finally, are you going to sell it?

Regards, Bob Trainster Zimmer

Re: 1962 rare athearn model train

Thank you Mr. Bob for responding! I have sent you an email with pictures. Let me know if you need anything else!

Re: 1962 rare athearn model train

OKAY>>>>>>>>>>>>>I am curious............what is the verdict?

Re: 1962 rare athearn model train

I haven't heard anything yet! Wish I could post pictures on here!

Re: 1962 rare athearn model train

Okay>>>>>>>>>>>>>thanks, I've got a bunch of stuff from the late 50's and early 60's. Most of it is probably not worth much and the things that do have value.............I will not be selling anyway! Coins and currency are things that rise in value...........trains are meant to be played with and of course they get broken. There is a set from 1932 that the grand kids can ONLY look but Not touch!!!!!!!!!

When I was born the set was already 15 years old and had been WELL played by some uncles. Every once in a while ...........I will pop a top on a beer and let the set make a trip around the track but not very often as ALL the uncles have since went over the rainbow to play with that BIG SET in the sky!

Re: 1962 rare athearn model train

Sorry Mindy. I didn't get it. Please send again. Bobz

Re: 1962 rare athearn model train

Hi Mindy. i got your pix. I couldn't read the writing much, but got the idea that it was special for an association or civic group. Perhaps one your dad belonged to in life.

I suspect that if you sell, you should offer it to this association's members.

Sorry to say that while it is a nice Athearn set, the greatest value may be the "nostalgia" value. I'd offer only $35.00

Bobz (trainster)

Re: 1962 rare athearn model train

Thank you so much! This was one I wouldn't ever get rid was always special to my daddy! I just always wondered why. I have probably 200 or so sets I am keeping for my two boys, but I think I will have to keep this one forever...even if it was worth thousands! Thank you so much for looking into this for me....I appreciate it! Merry Christmas to you!

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