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Looking for MTH 20-3167-1 Challenger 3985 and other MTH SP cars

I'm looking for MTH 20-3167-1 UP 3985 Challenger from 2005 MTH catalog. Also, Southern Pacific Vista Dome Cars Klamath Falls and Santa Maria found in MTH 20-65042 and 65082 Sets. Just got started in the O scale modeling after 25 years away from the hobby. Looking for sites and ways to find things. Any suggestions? Anyone have these items?

Re: Looking for MTH 20-3167-1 Challenger 3985 and other MTH SP cars

Over the years MTH has issued the Up 4-6-6-4 "Challenger" locomotive several times in both Its Premiere (or scale) size line and its RailKing (or slightly condensed) size line In the past few months I've seen both models listed here on Choo Choo Auctions. I suspect you can also find what you're looking for on eBay. The problem with eBay is that descriptions are often misleading, the vendor may claim not to know much about trains and so cannot answer any questions about the item, etc.. With Choo Choo Auctions the descriptions are accurate, the pricing is fair, Charles Siegel answers any questions you might have quickly and honestly. If you're willing to risk you may be getting a "pig in a poke," or if you absolutely must have MTH's Premiere 2005 offering, and you don't want to wait very long for it, go to eBay. Otherwise, I've found Choo Choo Auctions to be a far more honest and safer place to make purchases.