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Auction Feed Back & A Request For Help

Greetings, I recently was the winning bidder on this site, the item was a Track Cleaning Car. I can not find any feed back info from the seller (Train City)on my purchase. What must be done for me to leave comments or read what they had to say about my prompt payment? Now, for the really hard part of this post.........I am out here in the middle of corn and bean fields in OHIO............"track cleaning fluid" to the locals here is confused with the graphite that the real locomotives put down on the rails for traction. I did call Train City at the phone number on my invoice and was perplexed that the guy I was speaking with had NO IDEA about what I was asking for! After all, I bought a track "cleaning" car from them but he had no idea what track "cleaning" fluid was ......OR .....where I could buy some! I think it would be great if somebody replied to this post with some ideas!!!

Re: Auction Feed Back & A Request For Help

Hi... Write directly to me at with the auction number and I will do my best to get you feedback.

You probably talked to John who I am sure knows what track fluid is. I'm not sure of the nature of your question if you just wanted track fluid or you specifically wanted track full fluid containers for the 3927. That would be a tougher request but we don't handle parts or supplies on a regular basis. What I would do if I were you would be to google 'track fluid' or '3927 track fluid containers' and something will pop up I'm sure.


Charles Siegel

Re: Auction Feed Back & A Request For Help

The unit came with both fluid containers, I just want to know where or how to purchase some fluid to put on the pads. I did find some on the internet but $9.99 plus shipping charges seems to be a bit MUCH for 8 ounces.