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Post war trains

My name is Elizabeth and I hope someone can help me. My father served in the military and my family lived in Frankfurt, Germany in 1953, 1954 and left back to the states in early 1955. I remember a train under our Christmas tree and one thereafter until about 1962. I often heard my mother talk about the train and remember it to this day. The problem is I don't know what kind it was...just that it was brought back from Germany post war. It was metal, heavy, electric with a hand control and ran on a silver metal track with a caboose, round silver tank car, coal car and the engine was black. If someone out there might be able to give me the possible choices for what kind it might be, I'd be deeply grateful. Thanks a bunch...Elizabeth

Re: Post war trains

Hello Elizabeth, The easiest place to start is to note the numbers on the locomotive and cars. Please respond to my email address with some numbers and I'll try to identify your train.

Re: Post war trains

Having spent 12 of my 22 years Army service (1966 - 1988) in Germany I was exposed to many well built model trains. I did buy many that my son and grandson now enjoy but the ones I remember are from my childhood. As I look at Christmas photos from the early and late 1950's of my child hood.....I see many that if I still had them, would be worth untold amounts of money. My suggestion is to research old photos to find NUMBERS on the individual pieces for replacement cost. Then you must decide if the memory is worth the cost!!!!!!!!!!