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American Flyer

Can someone tell me how much an American Flyer Rocket K5363W set is worth?

Re: American Flyer

HI, I had a American Flyer train set that had the American Flyer Rocket engine #474 and 475, with passenger cars # 960, 961, 962, 963. The set had no track transformer or any of the boxes for the engine or cars or set box. I sold it for $400.00
Hope this helps you.

Re: American Flyer

One really needs more information like condition? Original boxes? The boxes condition?

In 2005 Live Auctioneers sold a set complete with boxes for $1500. Today, for the same set I would imagine near half that price, maybe a bit more ..... $1k?

Without boxes.......1/2 that again.

Less then very good+ condition, 1/2 that again.

Just some thoughts.....good luck!