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Re: Lionel Rio Grande 1957 full set with track&6 cars

From what I have in the Lionel set book your train should a Rio Grand F-3 A - B units, a 3562-75 operating barrel car , a 3530 operating generator car, a 3444 animated gondola car, a6464-525 Minneapolis & St. Louis boxcar, and a 6657 illuminated Rio Grand sp-type caboose. Condition and if you have all of the boxes makes a difference in the set price.($,3000 and up)

If you want the price of each item this is what it is worth depends on condition and if you have the boxes

2379 Powered F-3 A unite & the 2379C B unpowered united $650 to $1170
The 3562-75 barrel car $40 to $75
The 3530 generator car $65 to $165
The 3444 gondols car $$45 to $80
the 6464-525 boxcar if it is the red one with white lettering $$32 to $68 if it is the maroon car with white lettering $530
the 6657 Rio Grand caboose $47 to $$160
Hope this helps but remember that condition and boxes makes a difference in what they are worth.

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