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Re: Bidding irregularity - identical bids, lost the auction, twice

Thanks, Bob. I too have used proxy bidding and almost always enter a bid more than the minimum increment. When I do that, ordinarily, if another bidder places a bid at the minimum increment above my minimum increment from the proxy bid, my proxy bid kicks in and it shows the other bidders bid as well as my new proxy-created minimum increment bid. If you review the bid history in #108361, the declared winner was in the auction earlier with apparent minimum increment bids twice, but then was absent for the 33.5 hours prior to the close of the auction. He and I came in with proxy bids $2.33 higher than the last successful bidder at $30.00. By the recorded order of bids, it looks like I was the first bidder at $32.33, but lost the auction. If the declared winner had a proxy bid higher than mine (probably is the case), why was not his winning bid required to be higher than mine? Consdering that both bids ended up equal at $32.33, if mine was first, I would think mine would have priority over his. I am still puzzled by the outcomes in these three auctions where my bid tied the declared winner. The disappointment is all the more keenly felt because I really wanted those items. Ken

Re: Bidding irregularity - identical bids, lost the auction, twice

I have had the same experience and also wonder how there can be identical bids. I think this is a software bug and should be corrected so the winning bidder does not have the same bid amount as the loser!

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