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Rookie need informations

Hi train fans,

Sunday, I register for take some bids on auctions, I win 3 auctions and I didn't have any news since. What I've do wrong? Do I have to put money in my account before bidding? Or something else? Something I don't understand?

Thanks for your help.


Re: Rookie need informations

Hello J-C. Welcome to Choochoo Auctions. What items or numbers did you win? Charlie's staff is pretty quick with their responses, so I wonder if you were outbid in the last instant. The item numbers will solve that question.

Hope this helps. If not, contact Charlie directly at

Trainster/Bob Zimmer

Re: Rookie need informations

I receive a confirmation for 3 auctions by e-mail but it dissapear, I don't know why, from my account, I send an e-mail without any news by now to a link I have in these e-mails, I'm gonna give you some news by e-mail tonight. Thanks!

Re: Rookie need informations

jc-go to your account-type in password and user name
go to your auctions you won-write down each item number you won-i always call charlie-i have a credit card on file to speed things up.just call and give item no's of items won and user name.
i noticed they are a lot of people ******** about snipe bidding-they are a lot of dealers bidding against you with big pockets on this and two dollar bids over the reserve price is not going to win you anything.good luck

Re: Rookie need informations

finnally, no news for me after my e-mails... WTF is this auctions site?

Re: Rookie need informations

What is your choochooauction user name?

Re: Rookie need informations

We would like to help you, but we need to know who you are. Please anyone needing help either contact us directly at, or be prepared to identify yourself on this board....

Re: Rookie need informations

Mr. Siegel, everything is perfect, Melissa join me and all is in order. I receive my 1st package from train city today and everything works well. I'm satisfied, awesome fun to visit choochooauctions, thanks Mr. Siegel for your kindness, Melissa is adorable.

Finally, it works good!

Take care of you and long live to choochooauctions!