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I'm back!

Been a tough week, but I feel so much better. Thanks so much for your wishes and things.

I've worked a couple of days as long as I could this week. Have seen one more movie than I wanted to this week. Worked today half a day and actually felt semi-human.

The surgery went well. I'll find out next week exactly how well, but I have a lot of movement in my arm and more feeling than I had before in my arm and hand. Hoping to be able to golf soon but not sure about that.

I'm just grateful to my son John, daughter Kathy, and wife Ginger who helped me get through this mess at work. Many others too. Can't wait to get back to dull normal life soon.

We have actually negotiated to purchase another large collection up north through this thing and have a couple of other deals we are working on, so business is still going well. If you have seen the trains we have been listing lately, you know we have a goldmine of 'nice stuff'.

I'll be in work tomorrow and hopefully will work longer than today. Once again thanks so much for your business and support. We do appreicate it so much!

Charles Siegel

Re: I'm back!

That's just great. Love to you all!


Re: I'm back!

That is AWSOME news!!!!!