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Charlie's health

Hi guys and gals,

I wanted to fill you in on what's happening with me. We have been so busy the past couple of months I've hardly had time to think of what's going on. Thanks so much. I needed that. Has helped me take my mind off of this health thing of mine.

I've been going through daily radiation for the past five weeks or so. I only have four more treatements left. I'm also receiving chemo once a week. My last one is this coming Thursday.

I'm pretty weak and tired, but am able to work as much as possible although traveling for the treatments takes it's toll. Probably why I haven't been able to update our sites as much. But we have been steadily placing new items on choochoo, traincity, and ebay, thus we are so busy!

My son John has been a fabulous asset to our company. Don't think we would have gotten through this without him.

Beginning of March I will have some tests and find out if they can operate. If so, hopefully the problem will be fixed. If not more chemo and radiation. Never thought I'd be looking forward to an operation, but I really can't wait.

We are buying collections but as usual do need inventory so if you know of any, please let us know. We do pay finder's fees.

BTW I did play golf today and have been leading a pretty active life. Just get tired easily and that is agrivating to me. But hopefully will be better soon.

Once again, I'm not sure how we are getting through this and staying in business, but someone is looking down on Train City.

Love you guys. Thanks so much for your business. We really appreciate it!!

Take care,

Charles Siegel

Re: Charlie's health

**** of luck to ya!!!! It was just 3 years ago the VA (not Virginia) said I had prostate cancer. I never had the chemo stuff but the **** biopsy and then the 122 radioactive seeds/pellets that were put in the **** thing gives me pause and makes me aware of the suffering of others. I hope the hell ya beat it!!!!

Re: Charlie's health

Sorry folks, I did not know that we could not use the other spelling of what holds back water, you know a dam but with an n on the end. That is the word blocked out.

Re: Charlie's health

Really glad to hear from you about this. Know that a lot of people are praying for you every day!!!

Love to you and ginger.


Re: Charlie's health

Charlie, Best wishes from Virginia for a complete recovery.