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Lionel Engine

I recently was going through some old boxes and came across my old Lionel set I got around 1963. I couldn't resist the erge to set it up and to my surprise it still worked as it did when I got it that christmas, My long winded question is where can I find some info on it?
The engine is a steam type with the number 238 stenciled on the side.
Any help would be apprciated.

Re: Lionel Engine

Hello. I can tell you that your set IS from 1963 or 1964. Set #11375 in 1963. Includes a 234W tender with whistle, 6822 searchlight car, a 6465 Lionel Lines tankcar, a 6476 hopper car, a 6414 auto carrier with 4 cars, a 6257 caboose, 1073 transformer, plus track.

If it's a 1964 version, #11460, it still has the 238 loco, the 234W tender with whistle, a 6014 Frisco boxcar, a 6465 Lionel Lines tankcar, a 6142 gondola, a 6176 hopper car, a 6119 DL&W work caboose, a 1073 transformer, and a set of track.

Each set comes with a #147 whistle control.

Hope this helps.