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Lionel Train Set

I recently found my old Lionel train set I had as a kid. The engine is a 2025 steamer with a 2466WX tender. Cars are Baby Ruth orange box car, Penn 347000 coal car, Sunoco tanker, automated milk car, log loaderand and 2257 caboose. Transformer is 80 watt 115v.The train has not been run in over 40 years. Everything needs cleaning and lubricated. Can you recommed an honest and good place to have this train set serviced, or is this work I could do? Also the wires are off the transformer and I am not sure how to hook them up.

Thanks, Chuck

Re: Lionel Train Set

Hi Chuck. Depending on your location, there may be an authorized Lionel service station in your vicinity. Or, if you have the instruction phamplet, it usually shows basic maintenance tips.

The transformer should be hooked to the track with two wires. One is always the "U" terminal, and the other is probably "A". The dial should tell you what the variable voltage is for your speed control.

Hope this helps, welcome back to "training"!

Trainster, Bob Zimmer

Re: Lionel Train Set

How I clean mine to go go to Radio Shack and get a can of "Precision Electronics Cleaner" or contact cleaner. Spray in eng on gears and then oil. Cleaner will not hurt any other parts of the eng. Bart

Re: Lionel Train Set

I'd recommend that your go to the Lionel web page ( Move your cursor to "customer service, then down to "repairs and service" and then over to "locate an authorized service station." Click on that and you'll be able to find a service station by area code, zip code, state or even city. Note, some dealers are authorized service station drop-off sites. Your engine (at least) is over 60 years old, but the 2025 was a great engine, and mine, with plenty of nicks and scratches, still runs great! Given its age and the fact it's been in storage so long, I'd recommend finding the service station and /or a dealer drop off. Most Lionel dealers are very helpful, even with owners of old equipment and/or stuff long stored away, because they hope for a "new" customer in you.