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Lionel Santa Fe cars

Hello all,

I have a locomotive from the Santa Fe set 6-38196 the number on the car is 171. It has never been taken out of the box so it is in mint condition. A SF Streamlined observation car 6-29094 number on the car is 3249 also in mint condition. A SF streamlined coach car 6-29092 in mint condition number on the car is 3152. And another streamlined coach car 6-29093 number on the car is 3153. I have not been able to find any information on these cars. I would be very happy if someone could let me know if they have any info. Thank you so much.

Re: Lionel Santa Fe cars

I looked it up in my Greenberg book and it is set #6-21974, listing as valued at $240 in New condition.

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