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I would like to know why is it that some people here on choochoo's who are newer than me getting their feedback for items that they buy on here and I have bought 8 items since I have been on and only have one feedback, but I left feedback for all of the items I bought?Is it because they are buying a lot ?

Re: Feedback

I have 21 feedbacks, have bought OVER 70 items. I can't wait to hear this answer. I stopped leaving feed back for them until mine are up to date! I can be lazy, too!

Re: Feedback

Hi... email me at let me know your user name and the date and time of the auctions you won closed. I'll do my best to give you feedback tonight. Unfortuantely I didn't write the program and it is lacking in organization. We sell so much on our site that it is impossible to get to all the feedback. I apologise for this.

General rule is those that order more have more feedback. That isn't because we favor anyone, but it is just the way the feedback is formatted. We are more likely to hit feedback that way.

At any rate the only time I have time to do feedback is at home at night and to be honest most nights I am too tired to do it.

I prefer to do it myself to save money as we are trying to keep costs down so we can give you guys great deals.

As someone else put it in an earlier post, and this is true. They said they would rather have me out buying trains to sell on this site than giving feedback. That's one way of looking at it.

Charles Siegel