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New fixes to the personal menu on

Today we addressed a problem with choochooauctions that frankly should have been fixed a long time ago.

Many people buying auctions were using billing to pay for auctions won. Actually the billing link is for those selling auctions on the site. The billing payment option is actually attached to charges for people selling on choochooaauctions. Due to our changing servers this actually became a big technical problem and this had to be addressed. We have temporarily disabled payment options in the billing link. Although once the technical problem is fixed it will be enabled again but we have clearly tried to label that the link is only for sellers.

So we also added a 'Pay Us' link in the personal menu. This is where successful bidders should go to pay for their auctions after receiving an invoice through email. Please don't use billing anymore. You can use any of the options listed including calling us to pay.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have called.