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Technical Issues
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Power outage on Friday June 29th.

At a little after 11AM on Friday, June 29th we had a complete power outage in our area. It lasted for the remainder of the day but did finally get power back much later in the afternoon. So we have fallen a little behind because of that.

It is a little comical what happened. We have a beer company nearby which has two entrances. Evidently a large truck came in one entrance, did his thing, then tried leaving the other entrance. Well as it turns out he hit at&t lines which are lower on the poles, which caused him to snap a pole in half. Then he dragged the power pole some 50- feet before realizing what had happened. The police did get there and held him before he was able to escape the scene. I'm just hoping he didn't stop at the pub which is located in the beer company!!! That wouldn't go very well.

Back to work for me to try to catch up on this Sunday morning!